Aiming to delivereducational and sporting experiencesto children

The MY FOOTBALL KIT is a program where companies and organizations can contribute to two of the 17 goals of the UN's SDGs: Goal 4 "Quality Education" and Goal 12 "Responsible Consumption and Production," all by gifting these self-assembly-type footballs to children. The program has been established with the purpose of enabling children to physically experience the pleasure of learning and sports through football. Here, they assemble, play, and repair. It is a program that helps cultivate a child's critical thinking skills.


SDGs and companies

The MY FOOTBALL KIT started out while considering how companies around the world could best contribute to the UN'S SDGs. During a process of trial & error, we started to think about how the manufacturing technology associated with athletic balls and football-related networks in individual countries, as we had cultivated, could support two of the goals heralded in the UN's SDGs, namely Goal 4 "Quality Education" and Goal 12 "Responsible Consumption and Production."

Joint development with the design house nendo

Through joint development with the design house nendo, we implemented the design of a self-assembly-type football in which the concept was derived from the structure of a Japanese traditional bamboo ball. This airless structure resulted in many advantages. For example, there is no need for maintenance in relation to air leakage. It can be repaired by replacing parts even if the ball is damaged. There is also a reduction of transportation costs, thanks to the compact packaging of the parts involved. Also, children are able to assemble the balls on their own.

Education and sports

With this kit, children assemble it on their own, play with the ball with friends, and can repair the ball if it broke. By experiencing the joy of completing the ball's assembly and by gaining a sense of achievement in putting it together with their own hands and communicating with their friends, children can experience the joy of learning and the love of sports. The MY FOOTBALL KIT is just for play and is only a starting point in a child's learning process, which webelieve will help and see as an opportunity to broaden children's world view.

About molten

Molten, a manufacturer of balls and sports equipment, has been making and marketing basketballs, handballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs, of uncompromising quality since 1958. Molten continues to raise global standards, supplying the official game balls and sports equipment for major leagues, teams and international tournaments around the world.