Should your company or organization be interested in this program, please contact us about participating by following the process described below.

Note: We do not accept any purchases by individual customers. Thank you for your understanding.

Participation steps

The staff in charge will contact the company or organization that has made an inquiry.We will then discuss how the donor (partner organization) can deliver footballs to your target children (place, timing, and quantity). We will introduce the recipient (support organization) to the donor, so as to form a partnership.We will then summarize all activities actually conducted on-site and will submit a report on the recipient to the donor (partner organization).

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    Please input the required information into the form below and contact us.

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    Meetingwith Molten

    We will hold a meeting to introduce the flow going forward, including the details of the project and an introduction to support organizations.

  • 03

    Matching witha supportorganization

    Molten will propose a support organization that matches your requirements.(Examples of support groups)

  • 04

    Meeting withthe supportorganization

    Your company/organization, the matched support organization, and Molten will hold a meeting to determine all the details of participation.

  • 05

    Execution ofsupport

    We will send soccer balls and goals to the supporting organizations to implement the support.

  • 06

    Delivery ofreport

    The support organization will send a report on the results, including how the footballs are used.

Let us knowyour intentionfor participation

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Please input the required information into the form below and contact us.


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