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Molten and GAKU-MC Collaboration Assembled Soccer Ball MY FOOTBALL KIT on sale

Molten will sell MY FOOTBALL KIT, an assembled soccer ball created in collaboration with artist GAKU-MC, at the Hibiya Music Festival to be held June 8-9.
The purpose of this collaborative sale is to donate a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of the product to a recipient of support.
Upon purchase, one MY FOOTBALL KIT will be given to the purchaser, and a portion of the proceeds will be used to deliver the MY FOOTBALL KIT to the recipients of the aid.
(We will discuss with GAKU-MC to determine the recipients.)

MY FOOTBALL KIT provides children with education (spatial awareness and three-dimensional sensation), a chance to play sports, and an experience of growth.

By collaborating with GAKU-MC, who agrees with Molten's MY FOOTBALL KIT philosophy of contributing to children's growth through soccer, this project will expand the circle of support and provide opportunities for children in need of experience.

(Support in the past)

The ball design is the original MY FOOTBALL KIT with GAKU-MC's logo, and the collaboration sales will start at the MY FOOTBALL KIT booth at the Hibiya Music Festival 2024. 100 pieces are limited to support sales.

At the booth, in addition to selling MY FOOTBALL KIT, you can experience (free of charge) a soccer game using MY FOOTBALL KIT designed by GAKU-MC.

Let's expand your circle of support with MY FOOTBALL KIT, a collaboration in which your purchase will lead to support.

About the Collaborating Artists




Born in Tokyo.
Living legend in the Japanese hip-hop world who raps while playing acoustic guitar.

In 1992, he and a friend from school formed the group “E.L.”. In 1992, he and a friend from school formed “EASTEND,” a group that would later have a major impact on the Japanese hip-hop scene, and made their CD debut.

1994. EASTEND X YURI” and recorded hip-hop's first million-seller with ‘DA.YO.NE’. Also appeared on Kohaku.

1999. Started his solo career.

2012. He launched “Akarito Live,” a music event that connects people's hearts with candles and music, and continues his activities for Japan's recovery through music. In the same year, he launched MIFA (Music Interact Football for All), an organization that aims to connect people through the fusion of the two most common languages in the world, music and football.

2013. In parallel with his own music activities, he formed Ukaskazy with his colleague Kazutoshi Sakurai (Mr. Children).

2014. Produced the official Japan national team cheering song for the Japan Football Association. Album “AMIGO”/Ukaskazy (June 11, 2014).

Experienced a round-the-world trip with his family from December 2016 to February 2017.

In October 2018, he completed a LIVE tour in a camper for 40 nights, touring 22 locations throughout Japan in a camper.

In 2019, he became an ambassador for the Campervan Association.


From April 2022, GAKU-MC will hold a nationwide tour “GAKU-MC TOUR 2022: Hito ha Tumble to Stand Up”.

In June 2022, Ucasquazi's “Victory Smile with You ~For Japan Soccer~” was selected as the JFA-certified cheering song for the Japan national soccer team.

In June 2022, Ukasquazie toured with JAZZ pianist and friend YoYo the “Pianoman” to perform a fusion of JAZZ and Rap, and released a collaborative single “Hajimari no Yokan ~Swing Rap Song~” which reached No. 1 on the JAZZ chart. The collaboration single “Hajimari no yokan ~ Swing Rap Song ~” was released at that time and reached No. 1 on the Jazz charts.

In August 2023, GAKU-MC packed his camping car with music equipment and daily necessities, and embarked on a “Dokugaku” tour of seven locations throughout Japan. In December of the same year, GAKU-MC held a music tour “Ichiki Ichiai,” in which he toured five locations throughout Japan while holding sessions with musicians from different parts of the country.

In February 2024, he released “Ukaskazy's Dream Factory: TOUR ‘Addition Time’”, a live and travel video work by Ukaskazy, for which he himself served as video director.

 <Official Links>

・Official Web Site GAKU-MC OFFICIAL SITE |

・Official X GAKU-MC (ガクエムシー)(@gaku_mc)さん / X

・Official Facebook (20+) Facebook

・Official Instagram ガク エムシー(@gaku_mc) • Instagram写真と動画

・Official Youtube (11) GAKU-MC / Channel Raplus - YouTube


About Hibiya Music Festival 2024


Date: June 8, 2024 (Sat)10:00 - 20:30

    June 9, 2024 (Sun)10:30-20:30

Place: Hibiya Park

A music event open to all, where you can experience great music in Hibiya Park, home to “NONOON,” a sacred place for music that has created the history of outdoor concerts in Japan.

▼MY FOOTBALL KIT Event Program Details(Japanese)

MY FOOTBALL KIT<br>組み立て式サッカーボールをつくって、けって、楽しもう!<br>(株式会社モルテン) | Program | 日比谷音楽祭 2023 | HIBIYA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2023

(A view of the MY FOOTBALL KIT booth at last year's Hibiya Music Festival)



MY FOOTBALL KIT is a program in which companies and organizations send assembled soccer balls and goals to all children, thereby contributing to the SDGs goals of “quality education” and “responsibility to create and use” by reducing the disparity in children's experiences.
The program started in January 2021 with the aim of enabling children to experience the appeal of learning and sports through football.
Create, play, and improve. A sustainable educational system will help children develop a rich mindset.



About Molten

Sporting goods manufacturer Molten has been manufacturing and selling competition balls for basketball, handball, soccer, volleyball, and other sports since 1958, maintaining quality without ever compromising it. Molten continues to raise quality to global standards by creating innovative products such as official game balls and sports equipment used by top leagues, teams, and international competitions around the world. For more information, please visit our website.