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  • The 2nd Maruhan x Sint-Troiden VV Cup" was held! Example of MY FOOTBALL KIT's ongoing commitment to support activities : Maruhan East Japan Company, Ltd.

The 2nd Maruhan x Sint-Troiden VV Cup" was held! Example of MY FOOTBALL KIT's ongoing commitment to support activities : Maruhan East Japan Company, Ltd.


The 2nd MARUHAN x Sint-Troiden VV Cup was held on Saturday, June 1, 2024 at the Yachiyo General Ground in Yachiyo, Chiba Prefecture.

This tournament is a co-creation between "Sint-Troiden VV" and the local community, society, and government of Yachiyo City, which is challenging to create a future with dreams for children through soccer and sports. MARUHAN East Japan Company, a special sponsor of the event, delivered MY FOOTBALL KITs to the players participating in the tournament, children who came to watch the games, and children (about 1,000 people) involved in the event, and we report on the event here.

MARUHAN East Japan Company has concluded a capital and business alliance with "Sint-Troiden VV" of the Belgian First Division Football League from 2022. This year marks the second time the "MARUHAN x Sint-Troiden VV Cup" has been held, and the second time MY FOOTBALL KIT has supported the tournament, following last year's event. The number of visitors was 1,469, more than double the number of last year's tournament.
※The number of visitors to the first event was 729.

▼Click here for a report on last year's support (in Japanese)
八千代市の地域活性化を目指す「マルハン×シント=トロイデンVVカップ」参加の子どもたちにMY FOOTBALL KITを届けました!:株式会社マルハン東日本カンパニーの場合 - MY FOOTBALL KIT | マイフットボールキット

Maruhan East Japan Company operates the "Las Vegas Yachiyo" day care service, the "Maruhan Yachiyo Midorigaoka" and "Maruhan Yachiyo Higashi" pachinko halls, and the "Pacific Club Yachiyo Course" golf course in Yachiyo City. In addition to developing business rooted in the local community, the company supports the "Lukest Soccer School POWERD by Sint-Troiden VV" as a special partner, along with "Sint-Troiden VV," which is active in Yachiyo City with the theme of creating a dreamy future for children.
This year, MY FOOTBALL KIT was made in Sint-Troiden VV colors (blue and yellow) with the logo of the tournament and Maruhan's logo, making it a memorable and memorable activity for the children.

"It was fun to put it together myself!" said one of the children.

Mr. Masaru Akao, Chief Sports Business CSO, Corporate Planning Department, Maruhan East Japan Company, who was in charge of the event, commented on this year's activities, which were a continuation of last year's event.

The MARUHAN East Japan Company's Purpose is to "Create Joy of Living in the Era of 100 Years of Life through the Power of People and Connections. This year's event is again supported by Yachiyo City, the Yachiyo City Board of Education, and many other government organizations. In addition, we are grateful for the support of local companies in Yachiyo City and our business partners. Through the power of connections with many companies and supporting organizations, and the power of human connections, we were able to create smiles on the faces of the children who will build the future. We also hope that these efforts will lead to a sense of joy in living. The important thing is to continue, so we will do our best to hold another convention and event next year and beyond. Finally, I would like to thank everyone who was involved in this event. Thank you very much.

Employees of Maruhan East Japan Company, Ltd. responding at the event

Thank you once again to MARUHAN East Japan Company, Ltd. for continuing to deliver MY FOOTBALL KIT to the children this year, as they did last year.
Once again, we were able to provide the children with a wonderful experience that gave them a chance to grow.

Children using MY FOOTBALL KIT, which they assembled themselves, on the field.


We have introduced examples of companies that have been continuously involved in MY FOOTBALL KIT support activities as a way to revitalize the community and connect with the local community.

We look forward to hearing from companies and organizations that are considering such activities.