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Message from the MY FOOTBALL KIT Planning Team


"As a goal of the MY FOOTBALL KIT, we came up with an idea to offer a starting point in children's personal growth by providing this football to every child possible. There are many starting points for personal growth such as pertaining to education and sports.

The action of assembling a football can lead to improvement in a child's abilities in terms of spatial perception. It is our wish that children will come to care about the balls that they assembled, with affection, based on their sense of achievement and on the pleasure derived from assembling it on their own.

The ball was designed by the design house nendo. In addition, Mr. Takahama of Hanamaru Gakushukai provides a message from an educational viewpoint. For the points that we lacked know-how in, we proceeded with the project while working with external partners.

As materials, we used recycled polypropylene, which can be normally disposed of, for 40% of the MY FOOTBALL KIT. By reusing items that are normally disposed of, we can contribute to solving environmental issues. For our company, the MY FOOTBALL KIT is not a goal but a starting point. Going forward, we will continue to tackle the development of goods that use eco-friendly materials as well as products and services that assist in the further growth of children.

The MY FOOTBALL KIT is an activity that also involves the donation of footballs to children as part of the social contribution activities of our partner companies. It is of course possible to give away cheap footballs. However, we have long been aware of issues of whether balls are really useful to the children that receive them, as they are simply sent out or handed over without any follow-up. We believe that the MY FOOTBALL KIT can be a starting point in children's sense of 'We can do it, too!' in addition to education, which ultimately results in independence."