Photo by Akihiro Yoshida

Features of the

Designed for easy assembling

To enable children and those with weakness in recognizing color to easily assemble this kit, each part utilizes symbols such as 〇, \, |, and /. The manual is made from recycled paper and does not use any written explanations. Instead, it uses easy-to-understand illustrations, much like a picture book, for intuitive assembly.

Eco-friendly materials and packaging

The parts are made from the synthetic resin of recycled polypropylene and olefinic elastomer. We set a target of, by 2030, drastically reducing the generation of waste through the prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse of waste. The material of the packaging can also be used as a portable ball carrying bag, and a nonwoven fabric is employed that does not generate any hazardous matter when burnt, as a countermeasure against carbon emissions.

Airless structure

The football is completed by assembling a total of 54 pieces of three parts. As the repulsive force of the surface material is utilized instead of inflating the ball, the ball experiences no air leaks. When damaged, the ball can be restored by replacing the damaged parts. The ball also thus enjoys economic benefits, as there is no need for ball disposal due to a minor failure, along with ease in maintenance, thanks to the easy parts replacement system.

Color Variation

A wide range of colors is available, enabling the development of color schemes based on brand colors.Original logos can be printed on the balls.

Color Simulator

Parts 1


Parts 2



Use the color simulation as a reference.Our staff will explain the details of color customization.


Oki Sato
CEO, Design House nendo

Born in Canada in 1977. Graduated as a top student in 2000 from the Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering of Waseda University's School of Science and Engineering, then graduating from the Graduate School of Waseda University in 2002. Immediately established the design house nendo. Engaged in a wide range of designs covering architecture, interior, products, and graphics. Was selected as one of the "100 Japanese People the World Respects." Has won many world-class design awards. Has numerous works on display at major museums around the world.

Product Overview

  • NameBALL KIT
  • Item NumberF4M2030
  • Size4
  • MaterialsElastomer, recycled PP (polypropylene) 70%
  • Parts12 x stabilizers, 12 x panels, 30 x plates
  • OthersManual (recycled paper)
  • PackagingBag (material: nonwoven cloth)
  • Country of OriginJapan