Photo by Masahiro Ohgami

Features of the GOAL KIT

Designed to be freely reassembled over and over again

Instead of teaching them everything about how to build a goal, tips are given and the children figure it out on their own. Instead of the usual goal shape, they can freely assemble their own goal. They can create a vertical goal or a goal that can be inserted from the top. By listening to their own ideas and those of their friends, they can create a new type of football together.

Eco-friendly materials and Storage bag

The parts are made from the synthetic resin of recycled polypropylene and olefinic elastomer. The wood is made from carbon-positive acetylated wood, which contributes to CO2 absorption.We set a target of, by 2030, drastically reducing the generation of waste through the prevention, reduction, recycling, and reuse of waste. In addition, the storage bag and parts bag are made of recycled PET fiber.

Create new play

When children create a GOAL KIT, they naturally communicate with each other by expressing their opinions about the goals they want to make. By repeating this process of sharing one's own opinions and listening to the opinions of others, the ideas brought together gradually take on a single form. Once the opinions are agreed upon, everyone works together to create their own unique goal kit. Now, let's make the one and only goal in the world together!


Oki Sato
CEO, Design House nendo

Born in Canada in 1977. Graduated as a top student in 2000 from the Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering of Waseda University's School of Science and Engineering, then graduating from the Graduate School of Waseda University in 2002. Immediately established the design house nendo. Engaged in a wide range of designs covering architecture, interior, products, and graphics. Was selected as one of the "100 Japanese People the World Respects." Has won many world-class design awards. Has numerous works on display at major museums around the world.

Product Overview

  • NameGOAL KIT
  • Item NumberVF0300-MY
  • MaterialsAcetylated wood, Recycled PP (polypropylene) 70%
  • Parts8 pieces of wood (long) 4 pieces of wood (short) 16 corner joints 32 bolts & nuts
    92 hooks 34 ropes 2 storage bags (large) 2 storage bags (small)
  • OthersManual (recycled paper)
  • PackagingBag(material: Recycled PET fiber) Storage bag(material: Recycled PET fiber)
  • Country of OriginJapan