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  • Molten and ASEAN Football Federation Present MY FOOTBALL KIT to Children in Cambodia

  • An event that can contribute to the local community and society: The case of Hiroshima Toyopet Hatsukaichi Store

  • We want children to become people who can contribute to society through experiences that they can only have here: The case of Fukuyama Lumbini School

  • Children felt the joy of working together to assemble the ball: The case of the Salvation Army Aikouen

  • Confidence and interest grew while assembling the ball: the case of Hiroshima Monastery Kizuna House

  • It was an experience that all participants enjoyed." commented by Maruishi Children's House

  • We exhibited a booth selling MY FOOTBALL KIT at Hibiya Music Festival 2023.

  • Let's Play on the Pitch with Balls Made by Yourself! :The case of NANKATSU SC Co.

  • 『Not only did we support the children, but we learned from them ourselves.』Hamanichi Trading Company REMORE+ case

  • Support & Experience Booth at the Emperor's Cup JFA 102nd Japan Football Championship Final